Recently I had a situation to delete all the mail boxes from some of the exchange databases due to the non-reparable corruption on the exchange edb file. When I removed the mail boxes, I got a warning about it will disconnect all In-Place archive mail boxes of that users too.

But I don’t have any other choice and I did the removal.

Later re-created all mail boxes and restored the data. I am searching an option to re-connected the archive mail boxes to each user I restored. I didn’t find any straight forward methods to achieve it

I have successfully re-connected by followed below steps.

  1. Make sure In-Place archive is not enabled on the targeted user.
  2. Find the GUID of disconnected archive mailboxes using the below exchange power shell command
Get-MailboxDatabase ArchiveDB | Get-MailboxStatistics | Where {($_.DisconnectReason -eq 'Disabled') -and ($_.IsArchiveMailbox -eq $true)  } | ft DisplayName,MailboxGuid

3. Reconnect the archive mailbox using the GUID and name found on the above script

Enable-mailbox -identity azhar -ArchiveGUID  88308c51-8f18-4484-aaac-980e4daa08c9 -ArchiveDatabase ArchiveDB -Archive

This script will enable to In-place archive and also reconnect the disconnected archive mailbox.